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Hoof Rack

June 17, 2010 Artist Responses Comments Off on Hoof Rack

Hoof Rack by Michael Leigh

This latest collage is inspired by seeing the Noah’s Ark and especially the missing limbs a lot of the animals had in the Mary Greg collection.  Finding the right kind of shop front was a problem but soon settled on this image from a local newspaper of a shop in Northwich. I wanted to find several different shop fronts so I could have Hoof Rack , Tails R Us and Mary’s Head Swap Shop but hopefully can contrive to find some suitable in future. I have made Tails R Us but it needs some work but hopefully can add this soon.

Michael Leigh

Mary’s Hospital Ark

June 1, 2010 Artist Responses Comments Off on Mary’s Hospital Ark

Collage by Michael Leigh

Mary's Hospital Ark

“I’ve made a few collages using Noah’s Ark as a theme in the past and delighted to see the wooden toy ark and animals in the Mary Greg collection. This gave me the idea of the hospital ark and the bandaged animals being taken by Mary in her own ark to a place of safety and refuge. Some of the animals in her collection had become rather battered and distressed over the years  – some missing hoofs, legs and even heads. Possible scenarios for the future could be shops that sold spare animal parts for those that were unfortunate enough to have bits missing.  Tail Rack, Hoofs R US,  Mary’s Head Swap Shop etc.”

By Michael Leigh.