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Ernest Oswald Fordham

October 23, 2009 Hidden Stories 1 Comment

I have documented the letters on to the database and now I’m dealing with all the copyright issues surrounding them so I am searching for correspondents dates of birth and death. This afternoon I’ve been looking into Mr. Fordham and haven’t found anything yet, but in a strange turn of events I have found some photographs of his wife taken by Bassano in 1920, that are in the National Portrait Gallery.

Emily Mary Fordham

Emily Mary Fordham 2



July 28, 2009 The Collection 3 Comments

We had another day doing object photography today. Ben’s pictures are amazing – even the tiniest of objects can be blown up so that all the intricate details invisible to the naked eye become significant. Colours and torn edges on books, fine engraving on pin ends, patterns seeping through paper…

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One highlight of the day for me was re-finding the solander boxes full of miniature books.  Mary amassed lots of children’s books – tiny ones, nursery rhymes with beautiful lino block miniature prints to illustrate, Biblical ones, and books of religious and moral instruction for children, tiny almanacs and diaries of Saints’ Days that are smaller than my thumb.  I first saw them when I started work at the gallery about two years ago, but haven’t seen them since: I’ll definitely be going back for another peek.

Photographs on flickr

July 1, 2009 The Collection 1 Comment

Have a look on Flickr! I think Martin’s been uploading. Lovely lovely pics by Ben. For gorgeous surface detail look at this, especially the curve of the bowl, it’s breathtaking. Sharon, why aren’t you blogging!

71 Grosvenor Street

June 16, 2009 Hidden Stories 1 Comment

This is a view of the east corner of Grosvenor Street and Upper Brook Street in 1959. The block of houses on the right of the picture almost certainly includes 68 Grosvenor Street, from which the second photo is taken a year later, looking west. I think this shows the demolition of the block on the corner, including the shop. I’m guessing that 71 must have been approximately opposite the block of houses in the first picture. Manchester City Council website includes an archive of 77,000 images of Manchester. It’s amazing!