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71 Grosvenor Street

June 16, 2009 Hidden Stories 1 Comment

This is a view of the east corner of Grosvenor Street and Upper Brook Street in 1959. The block of houses on the right of the picture almost certainly includes 68 Grosvenor Street, from which the second photo is taken a year later, looking west. I think this shows the demolition of the block on the corner, including the shop. I’m guessing that 71 must have been approximately opposite the block of houses in the first picture. Manchester City Council website includes an archive of 77,000 images of Manchester. It’s amazing!

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  1. hazel says:

    I walked down there on the way home, there are still a few old buildings remaining.
    This feels like reverse archealogy.Starting with the object and discovering places it came from.(which I like a lot).

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