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Curiosity Shop

September 5, 2009 Mary Greg 3 Comments

As I was walking through town the other day I was struck by the window display in All Saints. The windows are decorated floor to ceiling with sewing machines. I thought it was a bit Mary Greg-esque and promptly took some photos.


Sewing Machines

All Saints, Manchester

All Saints, Manchester

 The thing I found most interesting was that people were stopping to look at them much in the same way they would a museum display case, they didn’t go in the shop but were intrigued by its exterior.



June 18, 2009 Developments 1 Comment

We have a provisional date and exhibition venue for marymaryquitecontrary! Alex and I met with with Miles, the curator at Platt Hall, today about staging an exhibition in 2011. A showcase for Mary, her extraordinary collection and the creative, imaginative possibilities unleashed by opening the cupboard doors and seeing what happens. Very excited about the possibility of bringing things blinking and stumbling back into the light. Just need to work out some funding…