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Learning at the interface case study

June 10, 2010 Artist Responses, Developments Comments Off on Learning at the interface case study

Learning at the Interface is a conference being jointly held by the University of Brighton and the V&A on 1-2 July this year. It is all about collaborative projects between universities, museums and galleries and seeks to address the question of how institutions can work together to enhance the learning of higher education students. I put forward a case study about the Mary Greg project which is available online.  It has been selected to form a publication and will be discussed as part of the networking event which Sharon and Hazel will hopefully be attending at the V&A in July.  We will feedback after the event!  Alex

Volcanic ash

April 15, 2010 Developments Comments Off on Volcanic ash

Who could have predicted this?  Sadly Hazel and I are no longer going to present our paper ‘Lost and Found: The Mary Greg Collection at Manchester Art Gallery’ at the AAH10 conference in Glasgow.  All internal flights have been cancelled today due to the volcanic ash from Iceland.  We are really upset as we were looking forward to sharing our project and were raring to go, having packed and got everything ready.  Apologies to the organisers, particularly Heather Birchall, who has worked so hard, and, I fear will have quite a few apologists (is that the right word?!)

If anyone at the conference was particularly interested in hearing us speak, please do get in touch via the blog.