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June 24, 2009 The Letters 2 Comments

When I was photocopying yesterday, another piece I found was a typed essay about platypuses (or should that be platypi?) following on from the letter below… Perhaps there is more delving to be done to find out why Mary liked these funny little creatures! I didn’t have chance to read the actual essay but once it is photographed and transcribed we can have a look.
Incidentally, I had a meeting yesterday with people here to talk about how we catalogue the letters. I think we’re going to accession the whole lot as one collection, and then within that, list each individual document/letter on our content management system, KE EMu. This will mean that they are all accessible to the public and there should be a way of linking them to the blog. We are very lucky to be having a student on placement here over the summer – Melanie Williamson from Leicester University to help us do this and enable everyone to read this fascinating correspondence.

I have pleasure in sending you herewith the Platypus

June 19, 2009 The Letters 1 Comment

I only photographed a few letters..and that was one of them..
It must have been an unusual letter to open.


June 18, 2009 The Letters 1 Comment

Dear Sir William Boyd Dawkins

I have pleasure in sending you herewith the Platypus, from Mrs Greg, which you so kindly promised to hand over [to] the proper authorities in the Manchester Museum.

With all good wishes for 1923

Believe me,
Yours sincerely

Assistant Curator