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Time to Think

Ready to use ,threaded needles from Woolworths

Needle cases from Platt Hall

I feel very sad that I have neglected this blog for so long. The students did a wonderful show for the Platt Hall project before Xmas and due to circumstances beyond our control the project has lain dormant since. I have been thinking a lot about ways to try and keep this project going, and I finally have a little time in my workshop to look at my own response to Mary’s collection One thing I have been doing as often as I can are watercolour paintings of my collection (will add photos later), It feels right to sit and quietly paint in watercolours, I was very inspired by Mary Greg’s Nature Diaries. I am also looking a “mending kits” and  needle cases..or damage repair kits. Will add some tests to the blog at the end of the week.

Its a messy business

One of the hopes I have for this blog is that we can just collect all our thoughts and follow lines of enquiry, and use this as a record to edit later.
I have started a few projects based on things we found in the collection..
on the Chatelaine, keys, candles and threads..(more on all soon)…
The bodkin case keeps resurfacing in my mind.
It was a very ordinary looking item, a useful thin box for keeping your bodkins in.
I have made these small boxes over the last two years…(see pic)
still not sure why..or what for…
But I like the idea of little metal boxes made for a specific item, that would be carried on the person..especially with a name like Bodkin.

A1Scrapmetal Collection

June 15, 2009 Artist Responses 1 Comment

These are two objects from my own collection..The rounded one is a needle case, but I am unsure what the other one was for.
Mary has a bodkin case in her collection and I am thinking about making something of a similar ilk…