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Curiosity Shop

September 5, 2009 Mary Greg 3 Comments

As I was walking through town the other day I was struck by the window display in All Saints. The windows are decorated floor to ceiling with sewing machines. I thought it was a bit Mary Greg-esque and promptly took some photos.


Sewing Machines

All Saints, Manchester

All Saints, Manchester

 The thing I found most interesting was that people were stopping to look at them much in the same way they would a museum display case, they didn’t go in the shop but were intrigued by its exterior.


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  1. hazel says:

    I have three…I used one for years..they all still work.
    I heard many were exported to India.
    Good spotting Melanie…

  2. Melanie Williamson says:

    Maybe they borrowed them from a museum collection, I think that Leicester Museums have a big collection of sewing machines (or maybe typewriters, can’t quite remember) Or perhaps they just know someone that really likes to sew!

  3. Sharon Blakey says:

    I was as interested in this as you. They have done exactly the same at the Trafford Centre branch. Where did they get all those sewing machines from?! Sharon

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