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Moving to London

June 15, 2009 The Letters 2 Comments

I have reached 1927 in the correspondence between Mary and Mr Batho, the Assistant Curator at the Gallery. Now in her 70s she is just leaving Coles, her marital home in the Hertfordshire Countryside, and moving to a newly built flat in Kensington High Street, London. St Mary Abbots Court

I checked and yes the mansion block of flats is still there. Seven storeys high, and purpose built. It puts me in mind of Howards End, and the new flats being built in Edwardian London just before this.

What a change in Mary’s life, but as she says in reference to her old and new homes:

I had for some time found living there too much of a burden & so lonely that I could not face another minute.

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  1. lizmitch says:

    Hello Sally, nice to read your post and hear where you're up to in Mary's story. What have been the highlights so far?

  2. hazel says:

    What sort of objects did she donate to the gallery at that time?

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