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A passport to Royalty?

July 22, 2009 Mary Greg 3 Comments
Held in the OPUA Collection at Platt Hall Museum of Costume

Held in the OPUA Collection at Platt Hall Museum of Costume

Worn and faded inside

Worn and faded inside

In finding the Rebekah Bateman Hope of the passport, did anyone notice further down in the Hope Family tree document, a marriage between Alexander Faulkner SHAND and Augusta Mary COATES?  They had a son Philip Morton SHAND whose descendants included Camilla Rosemary SHAND who is married to Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor – or Prince Charles as we know him!  Now if that doesn’t add value I don’t know what does!!  Sharon

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  1. Alex says:

    Here are the fruits of my Dad’s search – as productive as I’d hoped, but interesting nevertheless:

    I have had a quick look at our family tree and the nearest I can find to any of the names is a Thomas Richard Greg, born 1805 in Ballymenoch House Co Down who had a daughter Alice Margaret Greg b 1844. It is possible that the Thomas Greg who was husband of your Mary, could have been Alice’s brother, as the dates are about right. The Kleinwort family tree concentrates on aristocratic connections, so people are only likely to feature if there is an Hon or a Baron somewhere. Alice Greg married Amar Henry Lowry-Corry, whose parents were the Rt Hon Henry Lowry-Corry MP and Lady Harriet Ashley-Cooper (it helps to be double barrelled too). But neither Alice’s mother nor any siblings she had are included as perhaps they didn’t have nobby connections. Alice’s children included a Brigadier General, DSO and a daughter who married Sir Maurice de Bunsen Ist Baronet, and so thereafter they qualify to be included! The only Mary Greg is Mary Rose Gregge-Hopwood (b about 1843) who married Sir James Pender, Ist and Last Bt of Thornby Hall – probably unrelated. The only Mary Hope is completely wrong generation (another Hon whose father was a Baron), but although there are only 2 Gregs (those mentioned above) and some Greggs and Greigs, there are about 125 Hopes in all, so there may be some connections.

  2. Alex says:

    Value indeed! I’ve just remembered that my Dad has a CD Rom made by Kleinworts (the bankers) who funded an amazing project dealing with their family history (which I’m connected to, hence my Dad having the CD and book that goes with it ‘Beyond the Banking Hall’). Anyway, this is the biggest family history of its kind, or certainly was when we acquired it about 8(?) years ago – so it may well have links to the Hope and/or Greg families on there. I will get my Dad onto the case and report back!

  3. Melanie says:


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