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Ear trumpets and grannies

June 16, 2009 Mary Greg 3 Comments

07-10 Mary and daughter Amy GregI found this picture on a website about Samuel Greg Junior – son of Samuel Greg from Quarry Bank Mill. I loved this photo of Mary Greg (was Mary Priscilla Needham) who was his wife (they married in 1838 and had 2 sons and 6 daughters), and mother of Amy Greg sitting beside her. Is this the grandmother and mother of our Mary? I absolutely love Mary Priscilla’s ear trumpet. Does it survive in our Mary’s collection? I really want to find an ear trumpet now. What a useful tool.
Actually, it reminds me of a seminar we went to last week about mental health and schizophrenia: we did an exercise about hearing voices, and I had to speak through a makeshift ear trumpet.


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  1. […] c.1890-1920. Ethel Anderson listens to a friend using her silver, moonstone-encrusted ear trumpet Mary Greg (was Mary Priscilla Needham) and daughter Amy Greg sitting beside her. 19th century format salt print portrait Photograph of woman with conversation tube, […]

  2. Lucy says:

    There’s a fabulous case of ear trumpets at Thackray Museum in Leeds.

  3. hazel says:

    What a wonderful find.

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