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“You know you are only allowed ONE egg, dear”

April 12, 2010 Mary Greg 3 Comments

Through our links with Dr Stuart Eagles, Sharon has just forwarded some pages copied from the fantastic book by Sheila Ormerod, ‘The Gregs of Westmill’ (Buntingford, 1996).  A few more clues about Mary emerge…

She was remembered as an overly frugal housekeeper who would not allow her husband to have two eggs for breakfast and was much impressed by a lecturer who declared that margarine was better than butter for domestic staff. (p.18)

And as if by way of an afterthought, the paragraph continues…

However, she was generous to the village.

So, beneficent to the world, but alas, not to poor Thomas!

The article also points out that at 8 years older than Thomas, Mary would not have married until she was 45.  Perhaps this is a reason for their lack of children?

Alongside this reading, I have been busy pursuing links with the Guild of St George, and have contacted the former Master, Dr James Dearden who is an authority on Mary Greg, as well as Robert Wilson who is the Director of Westmill interests, so I’m eagerly anticipating further information…

Hazel and I also met this morning to plan our session at this year’s Association of Art Historians Conference in Glasgow on Friday morning.  More to follow after the event.


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  1. hazel says:

    She might have not wanted her husband to have two eggs as she thought then not beneficial for his constitution.

  2. Sharon Blakey says:

    Do we know anything about Mary’s early life? I’m sure it would help us piece together her character. I wonder what her childhood was like? Was she educated at home? And how did she meet Thomas? As she was born in Liverpool, do you think there may be any family archive material there? I’m very curious about her formative years. Sharon

  3. Martin Grimes says:

    ‘…much impressed by a lecturer who declared that margarine was better than butter for domestic staff.’

    Was any reason given for this conclusion? On the surface it seems very mean spirited.

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