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New Kiln

May 21, 2010 Artist Responses 3 Comments

Starter Kiln

Testing the new kiln

Not quite what I hoped for.

…I chose the hottest day this year to switch on my new kiln for the first time, and the workshop became VERY hot. I wanted to show you all my first awful attempt at enamelling as it can only get better..I really hope it doesn’t get worse.  I hope to add dashes of colour to my work. Although I am unsure how I can do this, you can not enamel work once it is soldered..or solder work once it has been enamelled…so I need to find ways to get around that…but first I need to learn how to get the coating even…and work out how hot the kiln needs to be..and how long it should be in there..this is harder than cake making.


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  1. Archie says:

    Couldn’t you use a tissue next time mother?

  2. Alex Woodall says:

    How is it all going? They look rather nice to me.

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