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Mary The Second

June 3, 2010 Hidden Stories, Mary Greg 2 Comments

I was wondering why there has been some confusion over Mary’s birth date.  I know in my own research I have come across reference to her birth date being in both 1849 and in 1850.  This has puzzled me, so I revisited and cross referenced the various versions we have of her family tree.  I noticed on one that there are two Mary’s marked, one born in 1849 and another born in 1850.  There were two Mary Hope Greg’s!  The first Mary Hope Greg died before the age of one, our Mary Hope Greg being born the following year. I have added my working document of Mary’s family tree so you can see my notes so far on her genealogy (I’ll draw up a better version and repost when I can).

Hope Family Tree (draft)

How tragic for her parents. Even though infant mortality rates were much higher then and the loss of a child more commonplace, it must still have been a terrible event for the family (you’ll see from the family tree that there are other infant deaths in both the preceding and following generations). How curious that they should give their next daughter the same name.  Was this a common occurrence in those days?  And, I wonder if our Mary knew about her namesake.  How did it feel for her to be named after a deceased sibling? Was this naming in remembrance and commemoration or mourning and loss?  Any genealogists out there with any knowledge of these matters?  Sharon

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  1. Alex Woodall says:

    We’ve just been to Platt and looked at the costume collection: we started to get shivers down our spines looking at some of the children’s nightdresses and christening robes as they lay in their coffin-like boxes in the attic there…. More to follow (and lots of images). Alex

  2. Hazel Jones says:

    Infant deaths were very common, my own grandmother had two “blue babies” as they were called. Due to a difference in the blood groups, O negative doesn’t mix. This is now easily rectified by an injection after the birth of the baby. I will ask my mom what the babies were called..grandad would never talk about it.
    I have been reading through the letters again too..I love the poliite tone used then.

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