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“Moths in the Lumber Room” (Snippet No.5)

June 25, 2010 The Letters 1 Comment

Envelope addressed to Mr Batho Esq

Letter to Mr Batho from Mary Greg, June 4th 1924, talking about some dresses she wishes to donate to the Gallery…

“I want to get them sent off but not to lie in boxes in some lumber room where the moths may destroy them.”

The reply , on the 6th July 1924, is from the Assistant Curator ,who like the curators today, clearly takes great pride in looking after their collections and replies with..

“We will see to it that they will not be placed in any lumber room and you must never for one moment think we allow moths amongst our exhibits. Anything liable is examined often and kept clean.”

You can almost sense the horror in their voice that anyone would think they have moths and thatĀ  exhibits might beĀ  stored in a lumber room.


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  1. michael says:

    I love the title – it may even become a collage if i can find some suitable lumber!

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