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Mesmer Discs

August 18, 2009 The Letters No Comments

I couldn’t find out what these were exactly. But I’m pretty certain they have something to do with Franz Mesmer (1734-1814). He was an eighteenth century physician that discovered animal magnetism, natural magnetism in the body. He would use magnets on patients to cure their illnesses which he believed were mostly in the mind. His theories played a large part in the development of hypnotherapy; which was first called ‘Mesmerism’ and is where we get the verb ‘mesmerise’ from.

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1814)

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1814)

I believe the discs Mary mentions are magnets used to control the natural animal magnetism in the body. Mesmerism had many critics like hypnotism does today but in her letters Mary is always praising alternative treatments (as well as a brief stop at Colwyn Bay). She was a fan of the Hay diet…

How I wish all invalids could throw off all doctors & try the very simplest way of eating!! You will perhaps have heard of  of the wonderful new discovery by an American doctor Hay by name – he says we eat the wrong mixtures and though we still eat the same food to a certain extent – we must not mix them – The results are wonderful.

Mary Greg, 23rd November 1936

She also promotes homeopathy…

I was very sorry that your eyes gave you trouble some time ago – have you tried homeopathy for them? It is so safe & wise in its treatment & help ones constitution so wonderfully.

Mary Greg to Dr. Tylecote, 9th January 1939

As Mary lived a remarkable long time in quite good health I think there’s something to be said for these alternatives!


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