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Fascinating Hobbies

July 26, 2010 Have a rummage 3 Comments

Fascinating Hobbies, Razor Blade Packets

Fascinating Hobbies

This collecting lark is hard to shake off once you have the bug. We tried to clear out the coal hole and get rid of some of our collection the other day…it wasn’t easy and we just packed it all back in neatly. Then Michael bought a huge carrier bag of these old cigarrette cards from the boot sale on Sunday and this card was amongst them.

“Collectors try to get as many different makes as possible and as many different variations of prices per blade printed in the design.”

I don’t think I come into that catergory, I never get obscessed with getting all the set of anything, but I can see why people do. I do have a large selection of different razor blade packets though, as the designs are beautiful.


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  1. joe says:

    i have about have 15 of them of different cards milk bottle tops, cheese labels ,cigar bands registration labels so that
    is just a few of them……….joe defiglio

  2. michael says:

    Are you still trying to sell all my things behind my back?

  3. Sharon Blakey says:

    Well if you are ever interested in selling anything, I know a good buyer!

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