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Man’s best friend

July 29, 2010 The Letters 1 Comment

Hello! I’m new to Mary-land and was just browsing the letters when I came across something a little bit horrible.

“I am sending the engraving of D Law from the Church as you kindly suggested, also one or two odds & ends from the museum & the two dogs which were Mr & Mrs Gregs’ pets”.

(To Mr Batho, from Mr Hummerstone, 13/07/1925)

The Gallery was sent a pair of bygone dogs?? Where are they now? Batho doesn’t mention them in his reply to Hummerstone. The thought that these dogs might still be┬álurking in some dark storage room creeps me out a bit. Good luck to the person that finds them!


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  1. hazel says:

    How very odd…I wonder what that is all about?
    Lovely to meet you the other day.
    Best of luck with the research.

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