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Grace Harvey /Interactive Arts

May 10, 2011 Student Projects 3 Comments

Details of the interior of the bird house.

Bird house/Dolls house

Grace Harvey created a wonderful Bird House  for the Platt Hall project ,which contains a number of  bird puns and references such as “Tweetabix” (click on the photo to enlarge and find them yourself) , also note the attic full of boxes reminiscent of  Platt Hall’s  wonderful attic store room. Hazel

“The sense of discovery I had when exploring the collection at Platt Hall was extremely inspiring. The bird house is a response to both this and the two items that completely fascinated me from Mary’s collection – her beautiful dolls house and the whimsical frog diorama that sits alongside it at Manchester Art Gallery. I have designed and brought life to a miniature house that I already owned, where by opening up the doors uncovers a family of birds inside, just going about normal day-to-day life.”

Grace Harvey

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  1. Hazel Jones says:

    it might have to be seed cake and hot chicklet…oh dear..sorry..

  2. Alex says:

    I love this! I would love to have a cup of tea with the birds!

  3. This is terrific! Love how everything is so cleverly arranged and the subtle colours.

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