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Jayy Swift/Interactive Arts

May 25, 2011 Student Projects No Comments

The west wing store room Platt Hall

Dress and photo by Jayy Swift

“Summarising my first project, we we’re asked to consider an idea on Mary Greg’s collection could be exhibited through the gallery, considering the way that children could interact and be engaged in the museum. The curators had suggested consideration of the space to the project, which wasn’t visible nor accessible to the public.

Platt Hall being a costume & dress museum, my work would relate so much to this concept, being that Fashion alongside Photography inspire me greatly.   The Concept of ‘Hide & Seek” was an straight forward game which they would be able to engage on. This idea worked well alongside the idea of this negative space Mary Greg has toward the collection and the space, which it’s stored in.  This idea of the objects always being hidden waiting to be found.

 Through the use of pockets covered in detail and embellishment, I wanted to hide Mary’s collection in them, or photographs of the objects in a lot safe aspect where the children can pick up and touch. Inspired modern designers, I wanted my ideas to be over the top, walking around Platt hall you’ll notice how many stairs they are in the building. With stairs theres just this negative space constantly there, the idea of the dress being created through negativity of Mary Greg and how it could infect the room’s space, taking up all the negativity, like it was feeding the dress. Alongside hundreds of thousands of pockets hidden amongst endless meters of fabric, containing my imagery of the collection.

 The interaction to me, is personal. Containing this constant struggle of inspiration. With couture the constant battle of energy and passion to every single hand stitch, The amount of control you have as the designer with the fabric and how to manipulate it to perfection.”

Jayy Swift

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