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Believe me, I remain

October 25, 2012 The Collection, Uncategorized 2 Comments

Three inscribed wooden knitting needle holders

This Tuesday’s finds. A lovely day with Hazel and Katie (on work experience), rummaging in the OPUA room. See Hazel’s thimble selection below. My selections continue an aspect of last week’s thoughts; I am currently a bit fixated on writing and the preponderance of objects which bear some kind of written text on them. Chatting about this with Hazel, she mentioned her observation that there are markings of one kind or another on so many things – instructions, maker’s names, tally marks, reference numbers, they really are everywhere once you start noticing.

And the Mary Greg collection is particularly rich in things with people’s names on. No longer simply examples of type, but a unique point of reference to a life lived. This belonged to me. Believe me, I remain.


Inscribed wooden knitting needle holder, 'Margaret Baley 1845'


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  2. […] I were to re-catalogue the collection according to all the names that have been written on it (see Believe me, I remain posting on the Mary Mary blog for some examples). What kind of a collection would it be then? More […]

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