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List Spools 2012

November 3, 2012 Artist Responses 1 Comment

I also made another new set of list spools over the summer, the idea initially came from the roll of paper in a metal tube in the Mary Greg Collection, but I also was inspired by a roll of tape on a simple stamped tin holder which is now part of the A1 Scrap Metal collection. The lists have become archives of very special days in my life this summer, my wedding and my son going off to college. Lists had to be written for both events and thus two archive spools of “to do” lists. The numbers were printed using Letterpress at MMU. Hazel

Ready to Use List Spool 2012

"Diary" List Spools Summer 2012Ready to Use List Spool 2012

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  1. Liz Mitchell says:

    Ooh, Hazel, that’s nice. Am obsessed with lists at the moment, will post current thoughts on this shortly. Love your ‘to do’ lists of special days, can I use these in my research?

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