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August 28, 2009 The Collection 1 Comment

I have so many things to put on the blog that I’ve found; its been a busy week! But I will try and get everything on today.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Sharon mentioned that Mary sent some objects to Timaru, New Zealand. Unfortunately the letters don’t specify where in Timaru so I emailed their local museum, South Canterbury Museum to see if they had ever heard of Mary. My first response was that nothing came up in the database under the name Mary Greg. As the museum was set up in the 1940’s I thought it might be too late for Mary’s objects anyway.

However, I received an email this morning telling me that museum staff believe Mary was a donor to the Hope Collection! Which was donated to the museum in 1954. It belonged to Arthur Hope, Mary’s brother; who moved to New Zealand in 1878. He was a farmer in South Canterbury. The collection has over 200 items. Lots of textiles and other artefacts, including a framed embroidered picture worked in wool, by Mary Hope and Mrs. T. Greg. The collection was exhibited in 2006 and my contact, Davina Davies researched the objects as much as possible but could not find out anything about Mary Greg because she had assumed she had lived in New Zealand.

Davina mentions that some of the objects are rare and unusual and many are in poor condition. I have asked for a catalogue of the exhibition and a picture of Mary’s embroidered picture.

How exciting!


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  1. Sharon says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I’d recently come across some mention of family in New Zealand, so it was her brother. How fantastic that we can fill in the blanks for the New Zealand collection. If only we’d been a little bit earlier we could have contributed to the exhibition there! Or added them to the tour! Manchester, Liverpool, Hertfordshire, New Zealand…

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