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Some Pretty Diagrams

September 1, 2009 Mary Greg, The Letters No Comments

Family tree of sorts

I’ve made a diagram of all the people mentioned in the letters 1920-1949. It’s available as a pdf download below.

Download the Mary Greg Map

Hope Family Tree

And I got to grips with Mary’s family tree too, you can see a pdf version via the download below.

Download the Hope Family Tree


Along with the map and family tree there’s some useful information that Alex and IĀ got from Bridget Yates, who came to visit the gallery as she was interested in a postcard of Ashwell Museum for her Phd. on volunteer-run museums. She was really helpful and gave us a bit more of an insight into the people of Buntingford that Mary knew so well. I’m quite attached to the photocopier/pdf. maker (as you can see!) so I thought it would be easiest to collate this info in a diagram, with colours!

Download Information from Bridget Yates


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