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Putting Mary on the Web

June 4, 2009 The Letters 5 Comments

Had a meeting at Manchester Art Gallery yesterday to discuss the Mary Greg Project.
Sharon Blakey and I have been viewing Mary’s bygone collection since 2006, and have been looking through the wonderful archive and reading her correspondence with the Gallery.
The photo is of one of the many finds, and is my personal favorite.
We discovered it whilst reading the stack of letters between her and Mr Bathos at MAG.
They are the first threads from Samuel Cromptons Mule.
They look like bits of cotton, but these small threads are the start of a great change and have real power as objects.


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  1. perryb says:

    A pleasure to be of service 🙂

  2. hazel says:

    It could be QC..
    We could try it out as that..
    or the gallery could start another one with links to this one.

  3. hazel says:

    Thank you…I should have checked..

  4. perryb says:

    This is a lovely object but I'm afraid that the date is a little way off, Samuel Crompton died in 1827. More information can be found at the following link:


  5. quite contrary says:

    The threads are amazing. It would be nice if this blog became like a long thread of people's thoughts on Mary Greg. Perhaps all the various people who are interested can join in and share their highlights and most exciting finds…

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