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Monkey on a Stick

September 30, 2009 The Collection No Comments

Whilst I was researching objects, Sharon asked me to find out about a strange item: Monkey on a stick, handmade by a Mr. Carrington of Oldham and given to the gallery by Mary as a gift. At first I couldn’t find it but I found it just by chance today. (Always the case, you never find it when you’re looking for it!) However their appears to be two ‘monkey on stick’ toys, it was clearly popular. I have found two photos the second looks more home made so I think it could be this one that was made by Mr. Carrington.

Monkey on a stick made by Mr. Carrington of Oldham

Monkey on a stick 1922.542


Monkey on a stick M104155

Also I think I found the miniature school bought from Debenham and Freebody’s Antique Galleries that was mentioned in a letter dated 26th January 1928. However it was accessioned in 1922 so it might not be relevant
MelanieAn old schoolroom 1922.93

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