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Hazel’s Sketchbook

October 18, 2009 Artist Responses 1 Comment
Keys and other found things

Keys and other found things

mary Greg 006

I thought I should add a few recent pages from my sketchbook, I am still working on some ideas based on the roll of paper that was trapped in a metal tube which we found in Mary’s collection. This is my working sketchbook, it sits next to my workbench and everything gets put into it:- Quotes from radio 4, paper templates,collaged and found bits,as well as thoughts and ideas. It isn’t really meant to be looked at by anyone apart from myself. Although it is an important link in the ideas chain(Part answer to the the question..”where do all your ideas come from?”).

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  1. michael says:

    Really wonderful. The sketchbook’s pretty good too!

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