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The Hope Family

July 22, 2009 Mary Greg 2 Comments

After a morning of visiting perhaps every family history website known to man I eventually made some progress. The photographed obituary mentions Mary Greg’s parents Thomas Arthur Hope and Emily Hird Hope. I simply typed this into google and came across an independent site ‘The Family Tree of Peter A. Brown’. He traces the Hope family back to John De Hope (1626-1674)

I focused on Thomas and Emily and discovered they had 12 children! One of Mary’s sisters is the mysterious Rebekah Bateman (1842-1901), named after her grandmother of the same name. Harriet Selina and Arthur are mentioned as in the passport as well as Caroline mentioned in the letters. The children were born in either Sefton or Liverpool, however I couldn’t find Mary’s birth date and place. None of the Mary Hope’s mentioned were born in 1849 and most had died by 1901.  

I intend to draw up a proper family tree in the next few days as the website is a bit disjointed but feel free to look up all the Hope’s in the meantime. You can also look up Births and Deaths. It’s all rather exciting!


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  1. Sharon says:

    Melanie, how fantastic. I knew that passport belonged in the family!! Well done on finding it all so quickly. Sharon

  2. Alex says:

    This is amazing! Well done! Gosh – she was the 10th of 12 children. Her poor mother! I know Mary died in her 100th year, but I hadn’t really registered that that means she was born in approximately 1849 – another era altogether. I think when I read the letters, I just imagine her as a woman of the early 20th century – but half her life is much older than this. What did she do from 1849-1920? Where was she educated? What did she do all day? With such a large family, there must be some descendants still living.

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