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Work in Progress

September 10, 2009 Artist Responses Comments Off on Work in Progress


Creativity is a messy business, and a quick snapshot of my work bench illustrates that quite well.

Lots of half started pieces…most of the pieces have been cut out and filed and I can assemble them now whenever I get a spare few hours.DSC08464

I am more influenced by the chatelaine than I thought, as I do seem to be making a making a set of objects to carry.

Pencil holder

String Winder

String Collector

List capsule

I think I need to work on the names, if only I could think of something like Quizzing Glasses.

ALSO note ..I have started stamping JONES on the objects I am now making for the Project.

Secret Roll of Paper

September 9, 2009 Artist Responses 4 Comments


On our last visit to the collection I found this roll of paper in a metal tube.
You could see little bits of handwriting on the paper, but it remained impossible to extract and required someone with he correct tools and gentle coaxing to unroll it.
Not being able to read it does make it even more intrigueing, and had inspired me to make paper rolls with lists on ..which you can’t quite read…well you almost can..
Some of which will be shopping lists.
Horse Carrots.


July 10, 2009 The Collection 3 Comments
From Mary Gregs Bygones Collection.

From Mary Gregs Bygones Collection.

Pin wheel from Mary Greg’s Chatelaine

Putting Mary on the Web

June 4, 2009 The Letters 5 Comments

Had a meeting at Manchester Art Gallery yesterday to discuss the Mary Greg Project.
Sharon Blakey and I have been viewing Mary’s bygone collection since 2006, and have been looking through the wonderful archive and reading her correspondence with the Gallery.
The photo is of one of the many finds, and is my personal favorite.
We discovered it whilst reading the stack of letters between her and Mr Bathos at MAG.
They are the first threads from Samuel Cromptons Mule.
They look like bits of cotton, but these small threads are the start of a great change and have real power as objects.